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2 in 1 Machines

Hako Powerboss Commander C82C90

Hako Powerboss Commander C82/C90

The Commander 'C' Series pre-sweeps and aggressively scrubs at the same time.

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Hako Powerboss Commander T82T90

Hako Powerboss Commander T82/T90

The Commander T Series is a total sweeper/total scrubber in one machine.

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Hako Powerboss Core 50 Hakomatic 1800

Hako Powerboss Core 50/ Hakomatic 1800

More than 20 years ago, PowerBoss introduced the TSS 82—the first ever Total Sweeper/Scrubber.

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Hako Sweeper Scrubber

Hakomatic B1100 Battery Powered

Dust-free sweeping, wet scrubbing and dry vacuuming in one operation.

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