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Brand: Noblelift
Model Name: PT16L-25L
Model: Power Pedestrian Truck
Capacity: 1.6 - 2.5 Tonne
Fuel Type: Lithium Battery
Maximum Lift Height: 125mm
Minimum Aisle Width: 729mm
Tyre Type: Polyurethane (PU)
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The PT16L-25L series is the first choice for truck loading and unloading as well for universal transportation on short distances with capacities from 1600kg to 2500kg.

With the short chassis length (PT16L) the truck is tailored to operate in confined areas.

With its high-quality and state of the art top-brand components and technologies, the truck competes with leading well-known brands in the market.


Top brand qualified components
Using high quality core components:

  • Reliable multifunctional REMA Tiller with ergonomic contactless rocker-switches
  • Top quality Schabmueller AC drive motor
  • Kordel gearbox
  • Intorque brake
  • Wicke drive wheel
  • Zapi controller

The parts used reduce high service costs and give you the performance and reliability which is required for the most demanding harsh loading-and-unloading operations.

German AC Drive Technology
The powerful German Schabmueller maintenance free AC Drive motor in combination with the German Kordel gearbox, Intorque brake and Wicke drive wheel give best performance, efficiency and reliability to reduce the running costs!
Whatever desired, the AC Drive gives always the right response: gentle or fast acceleration.

Long tiller design for ergonomics and safety
In particular through the long tiller design the operator can always keep a safe distance to the truck during proceeding the work very ergonomically.
The design ensures lower operational forces than trucks with a short tiller. The tillers operating height is naturally positioned to ergonomic, operator friendly controlling positions.

CANBUS technology
The CANBUS technology is due to less wiring more reliable. For maintenance the CANBUS technology makes analysis and adjustments easier so that the downtime is lower than for trucks without CANBUS. Digital signals further makes parts longer lasting than analogue signals.

Maintenance friendly
The trucks design and the used components are tailored to make service and maintenance easy. All components are easy to reach when removing the main cover only with 2 screws, drive-and castor wheel are easy to exchange without craning the truck.

Robust and reliable design

  • The robust chassis with the strong 8mm thick apron protects the truck and the components against mechanical images from the outside.
  • In combination with the strong metal battery cover, the truck is well-equipped to reduce service work and damages to a minimum.
  • Dirty floor environments have less influence to the vertical AC motor design as the components and the brake are out of reach of direct impacts. IP 54 protected controller, safe against dust and splash water.

Long lasting battery capacities
With the PT-L series for every application the right battery:

  • PT 16L with 165 Ah 2VBS battery with very short truck length and manoeuvrability for restricted operating areas.
  • PT 20L with 210 Ah DIN 2PzS battery
  • PT 25L with 350 AH DIN 3PzS battery and as standard with sideways battery exchange for long operations and multi-shifts.

Optional sideways battery exchange compartment for PT20L with 210 Ah battery.

Various options

  • Load backrest
  • Sideways battery exchange
  • Different fork-versions on request

Entry rollers as standard.


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