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Brand: Noblelift
Model Name: PT12Li
Model: Power Pedestrian Truck
Capacity: 1.2 Tonne
Fuel Type: Lithium Battery
Maximum Lift Height: 120mm
Minimum Aisle Width: 729mm
Tyre Type: Polyurethane (PU)
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Download-Brochure-contactus Long Tiller Electric Pallet Truck with Lithium battery

The PT12Li Electric Pallet Truck with Lithium battery is the ideal choice for material transportation over a short-distance or in a confined space. With the environmental friendly Lithium battery, it is especially suitable for food, chemical, or pharmaceutical industries that require a clean environment.


•             Lithium Battery Pack is Fully Enclosed

•             Compact Design Delivers the Smallest Turning Radius

•             Sideway Castors for Stability

•             Pallet Entry Rollers

•             Reinforced and Robust Chassis

•             Reinforced Battery Cover

•             Sideway Battery Replacement

•             Long Tiller Design for Ergonomics and Safety

•             German AC Drive Unit

Compact Design for Smallest Turning Radius

Overall length 1590mm and turning radius only 1340mm, about 100mm less than a similar truck with normal battery, working easily in confined spaces.

Lithium Battery Pack
Clean, safe, environment-friendly Lithium battery pack, no risk of acid leakage, ideal for food, chemical, or pharmaceutical industries that require a clean environment. Additionally the fast charge and long life cycle dramatically improves productivity.

Sideway Battery Replacement

Sideway battery replacement and light weight battery allows easy and fast battery replacement, ideal for multi-shift operations.

Reinforced Battery Cover

CE-conformed reinforced steel battery cover protects the battery. Tested with a 3kg item dropping from 3m high.

German AC Drive Unit

Maintenance-free German made AC drive unit delivers high performance, efficiency and stability and at the same time reducing running cost.

Sideway Castors

Sideway castors ensure high driving stability and safety even with poor floor conditions.

Reinforced and Robust Chassis

Robust reinforced chassis for long service life.

Entry Rollers

The design of the entry rollers ensures easy entry to the pallet.

Long Tiller Design for Ergonomics and Safety

Ergonomically designed long tiller allows comfortable and efficient operation, and also improves safety for the operator by keeping a safe distance.

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