February Safety Bulletin


It's also important to be aware of different tyre types. For example, if the forklift has air-filled pneumatic tyres, you need to inflate them to the correct pressure for the load they carry. Solid tyres on the other hand, sport a wear indicator bar, which should be checked regularly.

Second, there's the regular fleet check. This draws attention to excessively rapid wear, enabling managers to investigate and take measures if necessary. Also, tyre inspections are included in MLA's scheduled preventative maintenance servicing, as it is a legal requirement to maintain the forklift to the manufacturer's specifications.

Our conclusion: Training your drivers to spot and report damage and hazards is the most effective way to increase the life expectancy of your tyres. Performed daily, it means that problems can be resolved quickly. Paying attention to your tyres in this way pays dividends in safety and hard cash terms.

Action points:

• Deliver training on driver checks

• Implement hazard reporting system

• Schedule regular fleet checks

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