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Racking Australia

Racking plays a pivotal role in the overall organistion and stability of any industrial premises. Here at Hunter Lift Trucks we administer solid and reliable racking services for all types of configurations. From industrial warehouses, retail and commercial areas all the way to customised racking services and cantilever configurations. These are beneficial for storage purposes and are engineered accurately to sustain high loads. Our heavy duty shelves and custom workbenches are made from steel and are exceptional for multi-tasking. With a great deal of elegance and perfection we design and administer exceptional racking services in the area of Central Coast. Stability is the key functionality with all racking configurations. We are dedicated in designing accurate yet effective racking systems for our client's needs. We liaise and assist our clients with what they have in mind for their industrial, commercial and even residential racking systems and administer state of the art racking configurations that last in time.


  • Exceptional materials utilised in the racking configurations.
  • Trained and experienced staff members.
  • Reliable racking systems that are maintained with accuracy.
  • Dedication towards client appreciation and satisfaction.
  • Locally owned and operated. -Client education, in regards to materials and racking.
  • Friendly and efficient service.
  • Maintenance of products is completed with care.
  • Equitable pricing solutions to suit budgets.

Our building processes for racking systems stem from many years of experience in the industry. Our highly skilled engineers perform at the highest standard, both in workmanship and professionalism. The Hunter Lift Truck's holistic process guarantees you with a consistently high quality of service, ensuring stability and integrity.