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Materials Handling Equipment

When you hear the phrase : "Materials Handling Equipment" or any forklift related query, only one company should spring to mind. Hunter Lift Trucks. We are the pioneers of configurations, parts and materials that go hand in hand with forklift functionality. With extensive experience in the industry, we constantly upgrade our machinery to suit the demands of today's era. Education is vital in the construction realm and we surely have adapted our services to suit.

With experience on our side, we guide our clients and educate them on our range of premium forklifts, sweepers and even ride on floor scrubbers. We assess your project ideas and assist you in choosing the appropriate machinery for your cause. It is worth noting, that all our handling equipment and materials are labeled at affordable prices. This ensures our professionalism and stabilises our reputation as the leading Materials handling equipment company in Central Coast.

All our products are handled with care and are maintained with integrity. Our staff is knowledgeable and dedicated to assisting all clients with their purchases. Our extensive experience stabilises our company as the finest forklift hire and Materials handling equipment service in Central Coast.

With our assistance here at Hunter Lift Trucks, you are well on your way to completing the project you adore. If you are seeking the utmost reliable, affordable and overall helpful service that is geared towards forklifts and vital equipment for them, look no further and contact Hunter Lift Trucks, today.